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We are currently rebuilding for you ...

... in the meantime, many areas are accessible again. During the re-construction process our current real estate offers are accessible through the links provided below. All content is not available in all intended languages yet. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone or e-mail .

For further information and details on availability, please contact us:
Es handelt sich um

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you shortly.

Notes regarding the offer:

The rental of residential units and commercial spaces is commission-free for the tenant.


The availability of all units depends on existing lease terms or current terminations. If we are aware that a unit will be available for rent again soon, this will be indicated above. If you are interested in being informed by us when a unit becomes available again, you can let us know via the form below.


Area information for residential units according to the German Residential Space Ordinance (WoFlV) as per the owner's information.

The floor plans are not dimensioned and are therefore to be understood as sketches.


Visualizations and graphics are merely indicative and provide an overview, but are not binding.

Photos according to notice: Image credits or provided by the owner.

Please also note our legal notices.


Above all, we would like to point out that only rental agreements, their content, and attachments are legally binding.

Changes or interim rentals of the offer are reserved.


Date: 27.02.2024

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