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Mehrfamilienhaus | Mietwohnungen & Büroeinheiten am Spittelmarkt


The plot can be accessed through a passage from Neue Grünstraße. Here, there is a residential building with 37 housing units and a separate building for 4 commercial units for quiet business in the protected courtyard. Due to the separation from the direct street location, the plot is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the capital.


Structurally, residential and commercial areas are separated into separate buildings. Access to the respective buildings is provided through the underground garage or the courtyard via separate paths.


The courtyard is landscaped with seating areas and bicycle parking spaces, and there is a playground with children's play equipment and a sandbox.

Residential Units


The facade of the residential building is composed of different materials and features a modern and intriguing design with large windows. The entrance areas are modernly designed, with bright, spacious staircases, and the floors are accessible via elevators.


There are residential units starting from the ground floor with terraces and gardens, up to the 6th floor with roof terraces. Partially, maisonette apartments can also be found on the 5th and 6th floors. Most other apartments have spacious balconies. A few exceptions have stunningly designed windows that span the entire width of the rooms.


The apartments are equipped with electrically controlled sun protection and underfloor heating. The living areas feature parquet flooring. The floors and walls in the bathrooms are modernly tiled. Depending on the size and layout of the apartment, there are sometimes multiple bathrooms or guest toilets, individually equipped with a bathtub or walk-in shower.


The kitchen areas are planned to be open to the living space. A fitted kitchen is included in the rental agreement.


The residential units have 2-4 rooms and extend over living spaces of approximately 65-125 square meters.

Commercial Units


All commercial units are modernly equipped and have an open layout for collaborative work in the modern age. Floor tanks are available at various locations and equipped with connections for electricity and networking, allowing for the creation of everything from individual and group workstations to large island solutions. Space for office pods can also be found and elegantly furnished to create quiet work or phone zones separated from the collaborative working spaces.


Each floor is individually designed. The smallest office space is just under 60 square meters, and the largest is just under 110 square meters. Since each floor plan is different, please refer to the respective individual floor plans for the different layouts. The units can be rented separately or, if needed, multiple spaces can be rented to enable collaborative work across multiple floors. The connection of multiple units is available via the communal staircase.


The underfloor heating can be individually regulated for specific areas. The bathrooms are separate, and there are connections for kitchen installations. Depending on the floor plan, small pantry kitchens to larger fitted kitchens are suitable.


Also depending on the respective floor plan, terraces are available, or the commercial unit on the ground floor has access to the courtyard area.



Berlin-Mitte is considered one of the liveliest and most central districts of the city. Mitte itself is very diverse, with shopping, nightlife, office and government buildings, as well as a wide range of residential options. All of this is set amidst a great mix of historical architecture and modern buildings.


The property is located a stone's throw away from Fischerinsel. Heading northwest, you'll reach Gendarmenmarkt via Hausvogteiplatz, directly to the north is the Museum Island, and northeast leads to Alexanderplatz. In the opposite direction, you'll quickly find yourself in Kreuzberg: for example, at Moritzplatz on Oranienstraße, Engelbecken, or Skalitzer Straße and Kottbusser Tor.


Various amenities for daily needs are located in the immediate vicinity. Supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes are easily accessible on foot. The street is well connected to public transportation, with several subway (U2) and bus stations in the area.


Cultural institutions such as museums, theaters, opera houses, galleries, cinemas, and a variety of gastronomic options are also within easy reach. Nearby, you'll find cozy cafes, traditional German restaurants offering regional specialties, as well as international cuisine from around the world. Additionally, there are bars and pubs for an entertaining evening.

Facts Summary

Residential Units

Energy demand indicator: 81.2 kWh/(sqm*a) via district heating


Number: 37


Sizes: approx. 65 - 125 sqm

Layout: 2 - 4 rooms plus balconies, terraces or garden

Commercial units


Energy demand indicator: 162 kWh/(sqm*a) via district heating


Number: 4


Sizes: approx. 60 - 110 sqm

Layout: Open space and possibly additional rooms, some with terrace

Currently available units

Since the apartments and offices are being let long term, there are not always units for you to rent. Should a rental contract be terminated, we will announce this here:

unit no. 03

Ground floor

3 rooms with terrace

of which 2 bedrooms

on 126.94 sqm living space

Total Rent: 3,349.00 Euros

unit no. 07

first upper floor

3 rooms with balcony

of which 2 bedrooms

on 66.25 sqm living space

Total Rent: 2,000.00 Euros

unit no. 24

4th upper floor

3 rooms with balcony

of which 2 bedrooms

on 97.42 sqm living space

Currently rented.

unit no. 27

4th upper floor

3 rooms with balcony

of which 2 bedrooms

on 90.84 sqm living space

Rent: 2,564,00 Euros

unit no. 32

5th upper floor

2 rooms with a terrace

of which 1 bedroom

on 53.80 sqm living space

Currently rented.

unit no. 05

Ground floor

3 rooms with terrace

of which 2 bedrooms

on 78.80 sqm living space

Total Rent: 2,050.00 Euros

unit no. 13

2nd upper floor

3 rooms with balcony

of which 2 bedrooms

on 64.43 sqm living space


Currently rented.

unit no. 25

4th upper floor

3 rooms with balcony

of which 2 bedrooms

on 59.82 sqm living space

Currently rented.

unit no. 30

5th & 6th upper floor

4 rooms with terrace

of which 2 bedrooms

on 148.70 sqm living space

Currently rented.

unit no. 33

5th & 6th upper floor

4 rooms with a terrace

of which 2 bedrooms

on 124.61 sqm living space

Currently rented.


Office no. 01

Ground floor

Large divisible space

Reception, closed kitchen, storage on 99.48 sqm

Cold rent: 2,500.00 Euros

Grundriss Gewerbeeinheit Nr. 01

Office no. 03

2nd upper floor

1 open space, 1 closed room, storage rooms, terrace on 76.82 sqm

Cold rent: 2,000.00 Euros


Office no. 02

1st upper floor

Large divisible space

Reception, closed kitchen, 

storage on 106.77 sqm

Cold rent: 2,750.00 Euros


Office no. 04

3rd upper floor

Open space, smaller open area, balcony

on 59.55 sqm

Cold rent: 1,800.00 Euros


Notes regarding the offer:

The rental of residential units and commercial spaces is commission-free for the tenant.


The availability of all units depends on existing lease terms or current terminations. If we are aware that a unit will be available for rent again soon, this will be indicated above. If you are interested in being informed by us when a unit becomes available again, you can let us know via the form below.


Area information for residential units according to the German Residential Space Ordinance (WoFlV) as per the owner's information.

The floor plans are not dimensioned and are therefore to be understood as sketches.


Visualizations and graphics are merely indicative and provide an overview, but are not binding.

Photos according to notice: Image credits or provided by the owner.

Please also note our legal notices.


Above all, we would like to point out that only rental agreements, their content, and attachments are legally binding.

Changes or interim rentals of the offer are reserved.


Date: April 2024

For further information and details on availability, please contact us:

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you shortly.

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